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Bankruptcy Clawback in the Real Estate Industry

3 students

Faculty: Roland Gary Jones, Esq.

Course Description: This is an online Continuing Legal Education course on the bankruptcy clawback in the Real Estate industry. The course will address the following topics:

The course will address the following topics:

  • An introduction to basic preference and fraudulent conveyance laws
  • Preference clawback in the real estate industry
  • Fraudulent conveyance clawback in the real estate industry

To download written materials click here.


Please read the following instructions before taking the course:

  1. The course video plays the best with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer Browsers. Please use the latest versions of these browsers for a better experience. Please change your browser settings to allow pop-ups for the course website. Please clear all cookies saved on your computer and refresh the course page in your browser before starting to take the course.
  2. To start watching the course video, you need to be enrolled in the course. To enroll in a course, click the Enroll Tab under the title of the course listed on the Courses Page.
  3. After you enroll, the course page shows Overview, Curriculum, Instructor, and Reviews.
  4. If you click on the ‘Overview’ tab (which is open by default) you can see tabs for Course Lessons and Review. If you cannot view this, go to the “Curriculum” tab on the Course Page.
  5. Clicking on ‘Course Lesson” will take you to a page containing the Course Video. This video is an interactive video.
  6. IMPORTANT: To verify your attendance, 2-3 questions will randomly pop-up in the course video window. During this time, the course video will be paused until you answer the question correctly. You need to answer each of the three questions correctly in order for the course video to play further.
  7. Please note that you will not have an option to move forward in the video unless you answer the questions that pop-up.
  8. After you have watched the course video till the end, you need to manually click on “Click Here After Completing this Section” tab provided under the course video. Clicking this tab will complete the act of viewing the course video.
  9. After the above step, click on “Next” tab on the same page to go to the Review section of the course or to the Next Lesson. If there are more than one videos in the course, you will need to repeat the above steps until you reach the Review section of the course.
  10. Follow the instructions on the Review Page. You need to click on the tab titled “Click Here to Write a Review”. This will take you to the Review form. Answering all the questions in the review form is mandatory in order to submit the review.
  11. After reviewing the course, please click “Click Here to Add Review” and then click on “Click Here to Close Window”. After this click on “Click Here To Complete the Course” following by clicking on the “Finish Course” tab. This will conclude the Course.
  12. A certificate of Completion in a downloadable PDF format is automatically generated after you have successfully taken the course. This certificate may be downloaded by going back to the “Overview” Page as mentioned in step 2 above.
  13. IMPORTANT: To download the Completion Certificate, click on “Click Here to Download the Certificate” tab provided in the “Overview” Page. Then you can download or print the certificate. Among other details, the certificate will contain your name and date of taking the course. Note that this certificate does not grant CLE credit or replace the Certificate of Attendance for this CLE course. It is only a proof to show that you attended the course.
  14. To obtain a formal Attendance Certificate, you need to send a copy of the Completion Certificate via e-mail to rgj@rolandjones.com along with your Full Name and Bar Number as per your enrollment with the Bar.
  15. After we receive a proper request by e-mail along with a copy of Completion Certificate, we will send the formal Attendance Certificate showing CLE credit for the course via e-mail.
  16. The written materials may be downloaded from the link provided above in this course page.

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