Our bankruptcy practice is devoted primarily to representing defendants of preference and fraudulent conveyance actions under Sections 547 and 548 of the Bankruptcy Code. Read More…


We have deep knowledge of preference and fraudulent conveyance defense litigation. This means reviewing and analyzing hundreds of preference and fraudulent conveyance judicial opinions issued each and every year. Read more…


We limit our practice to defending preference and fraudulent conveyance claims. Our dedication works and we can prove it. We represented a nationally known brand, a sportswear manufacturer ... Read More…

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We handle cases nationwide through a handpicked group of affiliated bankruptcy lawyers. Our internet enabled team handles cases quickly and effectively regardless of where a bankruptcy adversary proceeding is filed. All counsel listed below are local counsels to our firm on a case by case basis unless indicated otherwise.

Local Counsels Court Represented
Michael A. Fritz, Sr., Esq. Northern Alabama
David H. Bundy, Esq. Alaska
Mary Farrington-Lorch, Esq. Arizona
Miriam Hiser, Esq. Northern California
Scott Schiff, Esq. Central California
Barry Spitzer, Esq. Eastern California
Baron J. Drexel, Esq. Northern California
John S. Austin, Esq. Eastern North Carolina
Leonard R. Jordan, Jr., Esq. South Carolina
Andrew M. Toft, Esq. Colorado
Benjamin Shloss, Esq. Colorado
Ronald I. Chorches, Esq. Connecticut
James Tobia, Esq. Delaware
John Allen Parvin, Esq. Southern Florida
Mark Gilbert, Esq. Southern Georgia
David C. Farmer, Esq. Hawaii
Sheila R. Schwager, Esq. Idaho
Vivek Jayaram, Esq. Northern Illinois
Jon Dwain McLaughlin, Esq. Central Illinois
Michael White, Esq. Northern Illinois
Spencer Lee Daniels, Esq. Central Illinois
Michael C. Peek, Esq. Southern Indiana
Steven Bradford, Esq. Indiana
Abdul Arif Esq. Kansas
R. Kenyon Meyer, Esq. Kentucky
G. Stephen Manning, Esq Eastern KY
Derek M. Mercer, Esq. Eastern Louisiana
William C. Vidrine, Esq. Western Louisiana
Ronald J. Drescher, Esq. Maryland
Ryan C. Siden, Esq. Massachusetts
David G. Dragich, Esq. Eastern District of Michigan
Michael E. Baum, Esq. Eastern Michigan
J D Haas, Esq. Minnesota
Yvonne Novak, Esq. Minnesota
William P. Wessler, Esq. Mississippi
Stephen D. Coffin, Esq. Eastern Missouri
Thomas H Riske, Esq. Eastern Missouri
Brad McCormack, Esq. Western Missouri
Howard Duncan, Esq. Nebraska
Robert L. O’Brien, Esq. New Hampshire
Geraldene Sherr Duswalt, Esq. New Jersey
Graig P. Corveleyn, Esq. New Jersey
Thomas Orr, Esq. New Jersey
Devon Salts, Esq. Southern New York
Ira Abel, Esq. Southern New York
Jeff Reich, Esq. Southern New York
Lance Mark, Esq. Western New York
Nicholas C. Rigano, Esq. Southern District of New York
Richard G. Gertler, Esq. Eastern New York
Roberta Arnone, Esq. Southern New York
Sanford Scharf, Esq. Southern New York
Todd Pinsky, Esq. Southern New York
Victoria Lehning, Esq. Southern New York
Joseph Bishara, Esq. Southern Ohio
Max C. Tuepker, Esq. Western Oklahoma
Carla Ferrari, Esq. Puerto Rico
Chasity Sharp, Esq. Western Tennessee
Timothy Nichols, Esq. Eastern Tennessee
William E. Maddox, Jr., Esq. Eastern Tennessee
Brian O’Toole, Esq. Southern Texas
Eleanor Vernon Ruffner, Esq. Western Texas
Gerald S. Goetz, CPA, JD Southern Texas
Jack N. Fuerst, Esq. Southern Texas
Mark Stromberg, Esq. Northern District of Texas
P. Howard Bailey, Jr., Esq. Texas
William Shane Nolen, Esq. Northern Texas
Ryan D. Baxter, Esq. Utah
Kevin J. Funk, Esq. Eastern Virginia
Ronald A. Page, Jr., Esq. Virginia
Sam B. Franklin, Esq. Western Washington